Backblast by Iverson (Jerod) on 10/22/2022

AO Clarion
Q Iverson
Pax 9 : American Dad, Deez fools, Ham, horseplay, kubota, Sharkbait, stairway, Tarzan

cherry pickers
HillBilly squat walkers
Imperial walkers
Arm circles

Run to hammock park 2 different sets (REPEATO) for 4 corners with running (+ backwards) in between each.
1) 10 pull-ups 20 diamond merkins 30 standard merkins 40 air presses
2) 10 burpees 20 monkey humpers 30 Bonnie Blair’s 40 squats
Intermittent stretching, heel taps
Last 2 corners were partner carry.
Final run of pull-ups until failure.

Mary: Freddy Mercury
American hammer
Lateral heel lifts

Be an Asset patches handed out for why we do what we do – preparedness for life and for each other.
3 M’s pregnant (2 with imminent due dates) stairway and Huggies for safe labor and deliveries, congrats to Ham as well!
Praise for safe travels and a child home from the hospital doing much better!

Q source: Study
Great job men!