Backblast by Ray Perry on 10/12/2022

Site: The Armory

Q: Green Thumb
Money Pit, Wrigley, @clayster7 @ariel.rosario @fpe1966 @mballard5574 @timldry @schafer.chris.25 Napster, Chicken Hawk (FNG)

11 PAX left the familiarity of The Armory parking lot and played a little baseball

Warm-Ups: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Willie Mays Hayes, and Good Mornings. Mozied to Luddy Park baseball field with a couple of trips up and down the stairs.

Thing 1: On the parking lot hill behind left field, we completed a multiplied round of 7’s. Total reps each set equals 35 (5*7), Counts of 5-30, 10-25, …., 25-10, 30-5. Merkins at the bottom of the hill and jump squats at the top.

Thing 2: mozied to home plate for a set of “signs,” as Coach Bucherri called them. From home plate, run to the right foul pole and back, then centerfield and back, then left foul pole and back. An added bonus was burpees at each “sign” and at home plate. 3 burpees in right field and at home, 6 burpees in center and home, then 9 burpees at left field and home.

This left time for an extended Mary. 10 count plank hold all around the circle, a round of Guantanamo, LBCs, Hello Dolly’s, and Homer to Marge.

Welcome FNG Chick Hawk (Tristan Maness). Prayer for Little Dingy’s trip to Chicago and praise for Thingabob’s family.