Backblast by Tim Dry on 10/13/2022

Site: Max Bandwidth
Q: Elton
PAX: Ham, Spitvalve, Wrigley, B&E, Rio, Curves, Fish Stick, Jay-Z, Peat Moss, Floppy Disk, Melamine

The focus for the morning was to re-create the skills that were used to win belt challenges.

Warm-Ups: SSH, Willie Mays Hayes, Good Mornings, Sir Fazios (F/R), Mountain Climbers, Merkins

Thing 1: From the track, a set of 7’s with WW2 and CBL, mode of travel was bear crawl 10 yds. then run. Emphasis was on not falling down in transition (Bandwidths).
Thing 2: From the grass slope on East side, a set of 11’s with Bonnie Blairs and Prison Squats. Emphasis was quickly getting up hill (The Armory)
Thing 3: From the parking lot, a set of 7’s with Burpees and Seal Claps. Emphasis was to sprint from Burpee all the way through finish (Agoge)
Thing 4: Since we had a few minutes to spare, we performed 4 sets of bear crawl/5 merkins/crawl bear/5 merkins (Boiler Room).

With a minute left, we performed 20 LBC’s IC.

Oct. 23rd 2-5pm – White St. Haven House Fundraiser/Fellowship
Nov. 5th – Haven House 10k fundraiser at Schenck Forest
Dec. 4th – Rolesville Christmas Parade
In light of the recent event in CarPex, Q’s and Site Q’s should consider how they might quickly make an emergency call, or use and AED where avaialble.

Wrigley’s girlfriend as she deals with challenges and loss of family.