Backblast by Phunny on 08/12/2022

6 pax met this morning for Red Dawn ruck and sandbag workout. Chargrill and (late) Fabio decided to give it a try along with Floppy, Gilmore, Green Thumb, and YHC. After the Dude’s skimpy warmup, we headed out… but Jen-nay from Toledo and Oscar Mayer’s FNG pull up about 5 minutes late and we did not leave them hanging. Chargrill reminded them that it DOES start at 5:30am. Floppy, universal ambassador for all events ever, led them on fruitless search for the Dude, so they came back for the workout. Eventually they found their way to the Dude at the lower baseball field.

*Thing 1*: 10 lateral sandbag tosses (5 per side) across the soccer field, then return back to start. There we lunge walked with rucks overhead to where we dropped the sandbags (~20 total). Back to lateral tosses, 5 out, 5 back to the rucks.

*Thing 2*: 2 rounds of 2 exercises.
1. Sandbag deadlifts and 1-arm overhead ruck presses – 20 reps of each, then descend 16, 12, 8, 4 reps. Ruck and sandbag carry around the field.
2. Sandbag squat and double down burpee (2 merkins per burpee, step over sandbag/ruck) – 4 reps of each, then ascend 8, 12, 16, 20 reps
Return to COT, welcome “Lost and Found”!