Backblast by Phunny on 08/26/2022

5 HIM broke out from Boiler Room for good livin’ at Red Dawn (aka Ruck/SB beasts). After Rio’s brief warm-up, we carried our stuff over to the soccer field to get a little warmer. Cadre DS has some great warm-ups and workouts and today we did both.

Warm-up (6-10 reps): starting at the bottom, calf raises, then tibula raises, then air squats. Next at the bottom of a deep squat, we pressed our elbows out to the left & right to open the hips. Jump squats to back to the deep squat for alternating high reach with the hand to loosen the butt muscles.

*The Thing: 5 rounds*
• 8 sandbag clean to squat
• 16 sandbag lunges
• 100m with sandbag overhead
*The 2nd Thing*: 10 reps, then 7 reps
• Sandbag avalanche (back on the ground, move the sandbag from overhead to hips and back)
• Sandbag WW2’s
*The Last Thing*: 2 rounds of ruck/sandbag carries around the field.

*COT* and the fist bumps…