Backblast by Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men on 05/07/2024

Backblast! Boys 2 Men Doracide

AO: Bandwidth
Q: Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men
PAX: BTS Bales, Deductible(Jordan) , Dumbledore (Dave Monaco), Elton (Tim), Fish Stick, Ham (Chris Schafer), Josh Burton (jingle), Kitchen (Joseph Johnson), Pawnee, Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men, Spit Valve (Geoff), Tube Top (Matt Boretti), Melamine (Chad), Derrick Thornton AKA Open House
FNGs: 1 Derrick Thornton AKA Open House
Count: 15

Warm Up: side straddle hop, good mornings, and Willie Mayes Hayes

We started with a quick Native Peoples run around the elementary school. We then went over to the soccer field for the beat down.

That Thang 1: we did a partner Doracide! I set up 3 cones 20 yards apart for the running part of the Doracide. 1 partner runs to the first cone and does 1 burpee and comes back. Run to the 2nd cone and do 2 burpees and come back, and then run to the 3rd cone and do 3 burpees and run back. While one partner is running the other partner was performing exercises with the coupon. Everything was AMRAP style.
First set was curls for girls,
2nd set was overhead press
3rd set was overhead extensions
4th set was bent over rows

That Thang 2: we broke up into groups of 3. 1 member was in one corner with a coupon doing AMRAP work. Another member was on the opposite corner of the soccer field doing exercises without the coupon. The 3rd member would sprint(AYG) the length of the field and mosey through the end zone to his partner and take his place and then perform his exercise. The other member would sprint and mosey back to the starting line and do the coupon exercises. We repeated this 4 times doing the following exercises:
Coupon work:

  1. Offset Merkins
  2. Heavy squats
  3. Flutter kicks w/coupon extended
  4. Heavy LBC’s

Opposite corner no coupon:

  1. Chuck Norris Merkins
  2. Jump squats
  3. Outlaws
  4. CBL’s

We moseyed to the flag for 2 Mary exercises: box cutters and then reverse box cutters

Announcements: Friday night on white 5/10 meet at Freddys
2F lunch: 5/17 @ Hartura
Brew ruck 6/1

COT: prayers for tendinitis family and cricket

Thank you for allowing me to lead y’all this morning.

Boys 2 Men Doracide