Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 10/11/2023

Site: Quarantine

Q: Rio

Pax: 12. Schnickel. Money Pit. Thingamabob. Roscoe P. Tube Top. Kubota. Boyz II Men. Char Grill. Prius. Tarzan. Poncherello. Rio.

12 roster hopefuls skated their way to glory at Quarantine this morning.

Brief warm up, right into three periods of hustle

1st Period: 20 left, right step ups, 23 dips, 20 left, right step ups, and 23 dips.
Char Grill called for “Elbowing”. We had to kill a two minute penalty consisting of one minute Star Jumps, & 1 minute of X Factors.

2nd Period: Set of 7’s up Lombard St. jump squats and low slow Flutters.
Game misconduct called on Tarzan. Resulting penalty was one minute Parker Peters & one minute of Skaters.

Everyone gave their best push for the third.

3rd Period: Moseyed over to rock pile where we completed 20 slow curls, 23 heavy LBC’s, 20 Stanley Cup lifts, & 23 Bent Rows.
Prius threw the whistle for roughing, so we had to kill off one minute of quick feed, followed by one minute of plank hold.

With the score tied at the end of regulation, Pax settled the match via shoot out.
Tied 2-2 after the first round, Team 1 defeated Team 2 on a beautiful high, stick side wrist er launched by Money Pit.
Great push today everybody !

Everyone is encouraged to try rucking a few times this month.
Don’t forget fellowship luncheon on Friday, October 20th, @ The Pickled Onion off 401.

Prayers for Ukraine and Israel. Prayers for the eminent arrival of Money Pit’s 2.0. Prayers for healing and recovery for many of the Pax missing time these recent weeks