Backblast by Prius – Ryan McCallum on 03/14/2024

Backblast! March 14 Cup-a-Joe

AO: Cup A Joe
Q: Prius – Ryan McCallum
PAX: Homer (Scott Neuweg), Icebox (Matt Mobley)
FNGs: None
Count: 3

THE THANG: In support of our PAX participating in the Go Ruck series of beatdown this weekend, our ME consisted of a 45 minute mini-HTB.

800m Ruck and Sandbag travel:
Alternating Sandbag Overhead Carry or Zerker Carry
Drop or stop penalty: 10 Ruck Merkins

33 Ruck Merkins
33 Heavy Squats
33 Ruck on Deadlift
33 Ruck Overhead Press
200 Meter Ruck and Sandbag travel

800m slick run
33 4-Count Flutters
33 LBCs
33 Boxcutters

Finishing with 33 Birthday Burpees for your Q