Backblast by Pierogi on 01/19/2023

Thanks to all who came out to quarantine for my 1 year F3 Anniversary Q.

20 PAX-YHC Pierogi, Norwood, Thingamabob, Squeaks, Tube Top, Flava Flav, Mafia, Kubota, Ascot, Five Hole, Phunny, Gilmore, Jack Jack, Curves, Jay-Z, Green Thumb, Don’t Fix it, Money Pit, Boyz-2-Men, Rio

Warm Up- SSH 20 IC, Plank Jacks 15 IC, Merkins 15, Sir Fazio Front and Back 10 ea, Willie Mays Hayes 10, Calf Stretch

Mosey to benches on bridge to parking decks.
Quick set of 20 Dips, 20 Derkins, 20 Bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)

Sprint to parking deck, split into teams, 4 PAX per team-Each PAX starts on their own level going up to level 4.

Level 1 PAX does 5 burpees and sprints up to next level directly above start. Once there, Level 2 PAX does 5 burpees and sprints to next level directly above and so on. PAX on level 2, 3, and 4 are doing the exercises on the sheets until they are tagged by the PAX coming up the parking garage. Level 4 PAX goes down the stairway to the bottom and starts the next round. Repeat until all PAX have returned to their starting point.
Waiting Exercises-
Level 2- 20 WW2, 20 Merkins, 20 Tie Fighters IC (Sir Fazio while holding lunge-10 forward/right leg, 10 backward/left leg)
Level 3- 20 X-Factors, 20 Bonnie Blairs (Each leg=1), 20 Merkin Jacks (merkin with plank jack at the bottom)
Level 4- 20 ARods (J-lo w/pickle pounder L/R=1), 20 Jump Squats, 20 Over Head Claps IC + 20 Seal Claps IC

Q lost could not find his sheet so Phunny and Ascot took off back up the parking decks to search. Meanwhile, I called an audible and did a 1 minute peoples chair then switched to a plank hold until Phunny and Ascot returned empty handed. After a gloveless more thorough search of my pockets, the missing sheet was found.

Mosey to the pond for a modified DORA (due to time wasted looking for my sheet)- partner up, 50 Merkins, 100 Low Slow Flutter IC, 150 Squats (runner runs past pond, up stairs, and back down the ramp on the return).

Quick Mosey back to flag for COT and Prayers.