Backblast by Pawnee on 05/06/2024

Backblast! Agoge

AO: Agoge
Q: Pawnee
PAX: Gilmore (Jim T), Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men, Kitchen (Joseph Johnson), 10k John Martin, Money Pit (Blake Anderson), Little Dinghy (Jim Amy), Tendinitis (Ilia Kolosov), Oscar Mayer (Shaun Hanna), Six Pack (Matt Coombs), Floppy Disk (Tom Neal), Boingo (Jeffrey Christensen), Pawnee, Kitty Hawk (Mike Ballard)
FNGs: None
Count: 13

side straddle hop, hillbillies, mountain climbers, good morning, slow mosey around parking lot
THE THANG: core work: 25 lbc’s, 20 box cutters, 25 WW2, 20 Freddy Mercury. mosey to quad, perform a set of an exercise then run lap around quad. Those that finish first pick up the 6. 3 miles covered
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/21 Deacon. If I interested in volunteering please see Pawnee, Housekeeping or Beancounter
COT: prayers for Tendeitis and wife as she’s experiencing pain with her pregnancy, prayers for speedy resolution for Kitchen’s car wreck, prayers for Cricket.