Backblast by Nelson Thompson(Jack Jack) on 04/06/2023

Q: Jack Jack
Pax:(5) Chicken Hawk, Kitty Hawk, Flush, & Little Dingy

Warm-Up: 20 SSH, 8 Willy Mayes Hayes, 6 Forward Lunges(as a stretch), 5 Good Mornings, 10 Merkins

Having just finished an essay 4 hours prior, I forgot to plan a workout, so this workout was all created on the fly!

Workout: Mosied over to pick up a kinda traveling/kinda lifting rock. Then lined up at one end over the parking lot and did variations of suicides.

Suicides consisted of:
5 curls, 10 curls, 5 curls, 15 curls and 5 curls, with a rock carry held at the bottom of a curl
5 over head press, 10 OHP, 5 OHP, 15 OHP, and 5 OHP, rock carry being held parallel with shoulder
5 Bent over rows, 10 BOR, 5 BOR, 15 BOR, and 5 BOR, rock carry being held in rifle carry
Took a break from our rocks to do some more suicides, this time unweighted
15 jump squats, 30 jump squats, 15 jump squats, 30 jump squats and 15 jump squats
15 CBL, 30 CBL, 15 CBL, 30 CBL, and 15 CBL
Rejoined with our rocks to do
5 Goblet Squats, 10 Goblet Squats, 5 Goblet Squats, 15 Goblet Squats, and 5 Goblet Squats
And final suicide was an ascension by 5 of v-ups(pax choice of weighted or unweighted)

Then returned our rocks and mosied back to the flag, held chillcut plank for 1:30 and then did arm circles until it turned to 6:15

Announcements: Meet in the street is coming up, we’ll have a booth there so make to come out and support or work a shift greeting people and introducing them to F3.
Keep coming out to the Corral as we get closer to its official launch!

Prayers: Kitty Hawk’s job search and Jack Jack and other college students as exams are in under a month.