Backblast by Kitty Hawk (Mike Ballard) on 04/15/2024

Backblast! Rock, paper, scissors challenge. Year 2

AO: Agoge
Q: Kitty Hawk (Mike Ballard)
PAX: Counterfeit (John Kinneer), Money Pit (Blake Anderson), Little Dinghy (Jim Amy), Kitchen (Joseph Johnson), Six Pack (Matt Coombs), Pawnee, Gilmore (Jim T), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Jay Z – Shawn, Ham (Chris Schafer), Floppy Disk (Tom Neal), Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men, Oscar Mayer (Shaun Hanna), Tendinitis (Ilia Kolosov), Kitty Hawk (Mike Ballard), Boingo (Jeffrey Christensen), Green Thumb (Ray Perry), Curves (Aaron Stork), Char-Grill (Pavlo), Patch Adams, Rims
FNGs: None
Count: 22

side straddle hop, many good mornings, arm circles, Willie mays hays, windmills, hillbillies
THE THANG: American hammers, Tennessee rocking chairs, rocky balboas, scissors kicks, hello dolly, v ups, many types of merkins, many burpees. 7’s with serpentine (fultter kicks and something else).
MARY: yep. With bday burpees for 6-pack
ANNOUNCEMENTS: prime lunch. Forest fest sign up
COT: yep

Rock, paper, scissors challenge. Year 2