Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 01/24/2023

Site: Bandwidth
Q: Ham
Pax:Counterfeit, Thingymabob, Wrigley, Greenthumb, Infidel, Spitvalve, Rosecoe P, Peat Moss, B&E, Elton, Rio, Curves

Warm Up:
SSH / Willy Mays Hayes / mountain climbers/ Hiney Ps / various stretches

Thang 1
Moseyed to lower parking lot for a 4 corners drill. 1 exercise per corner, number of reps increased with each exercise:
1 Sumo Squat , 2 Dry Docks, 3 LT Dan’s, 4 Diamond Merkins, 5 Sumo Squats, 6 Dry Docks, 7 LT Dan’s, 8 Diamond merkins…finishing with 25 Sumo Squats

Thang 2
Moseyed to Abbot Creek Road for a Diego
100 Star Jumps
150 Merkins w/ a should tap between Reps
200 CBL’s
250 Squats
300 Overhead Claps

Prayers for Jingle and his recovery, wrigley’s girlfriend, and expectant mothers and fathers.

Thank you for letting me lead you in the gloom men.