Backblast by Gilmore (Jim T) on 05/25/2023

Date: 5/24/2023
AO: Armory
Q: Gilmore
PAX: Green Thumb, Flush, Little Dinghy, Kitty Hawk, Jack Jack, Cadbury, Bob Ross, Dan-O and Peg Leg (FNG)

Following a warm-up where YHC proclaimed that the entire workout would be demotivating, we started out with a new travel. Thanks to Little Dinghy, we are calling it the Liz Warren. Similar to an Indian Run except the PAX at the front peels off and Bernie Sanders to the back. Rinse and Repeat.

Thing 1 – PAX grabbed a non-travel rock and formed a circle. We did 3 rounds of 15, 20, 25 and rotated rocks for variety. Exercises were curls, heavy squats, overhead press, bent over rows and tricep extensions.

Thing 2 – PAX moseyed to parking lot where cones were set-up for a round of demotivating deconstructed burpees. Movement is run to first cone and do merkin; run to second cone and do squat thrusters and third cone is a jump squat. Then mosey back. We ascended from 1-10 at each cone.

Mosey back to flag for COT.

Named a new FNG and YHC had his first PAX hurl after a workout.

Announcements: Memorial Day Convergence at Clarion (1300 Elk Falls Dr, Wendell, NC 27591). Murph at 6A, Main Event at 7A.
Monthly Lunch at Real McCoys, June 16, 11:45A.

Prayers: Jay-Zs Uncle, Kitty Hawk job search , Bob Ross’ travel.

Thanks for the effort today gentleman.