Backblast by F3 Phunny (Kip Lowery) on 04/25/2024

Backblast! Sandbag Cleans & Fast Ruck Movement

AO: Cup A Joe
Q: F3 Phunny (Kip Lowery)
PAX: Homer (Scott Neuweg), Bertie (Brian Drew), Floppy Disk (Tom Neal), Oscar Mayer (Shaun Hanna), Prius – Ryan McCallum, Counterfeit (John Kinneer), Titans Dream
FNGs: None
Count: 8

WARMUP: brought to you by Floppy #IFYKYK


  1. Sandbag Cleans: 3 sets of 5 reps to warmup
  2. 21 min AMRAP became 4 rounds of the following (28-30 min total):
  1. 2 min ruck shuffle/slow run
  2. 12 squat jumps (no ruck)
  3. 12 ruck press
  4. 2 min ruck shuffle/slow run
  1. A little bit of Mary
  1. ruck v-ups, ruck overhead flutters, ruck WW2, heavy Freddy’s (ruck overhead)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Meet in the Street outreach – May 4th
COT: yes we did