Backblast by F3 Phunny (Kip Lowery) on 01/05/2024

Backblast! Carry the Load

AO: Red Dawn
Q: F3 Phunny (Kip Lowery)
PAX: Prius – Ryan McCallum, Green Thumb (Ray Perry), Floppy Disk (Tom Neal), Homer (Scott Neuweg)
FNGs: None
Count: 5

WARMUP: A few of Thingamabob’s favorites…
– The Movement: Indian ruck-style. First pax zercher carries a sandbag, second bear hugs the sandbag, third zercher carry, fourth bear hug, fifth rests. One minute movement, then each pax steps back in position while the last pax comes to the first position for the zercher carry. Five total minutes to the basketball court to for…
– The Workout: Double Doras.
– Dora 1: 50 ruck ground to overhead, 100 heavy Freddie’s, 150 squats. Movement was suicide to mid-court/end-court shoulder carrying a sandbag.
– Dora 2: 25 burpee with ruck jump over, 50 ruck v-ups, 75 lunges. Movement was same suicide with sandbag suitcase carry.
– The Movement Back: quick ruck with sandbags on shoulders.