Backblast by Dowry (Derrick Wolfe) on 03/30/2024

Backblast! Site Q Change Burnout “On my Up”

AO: Farm
Q: Dowry (Derrick Wolfe)
PAX: Pawnee, Spit Valve (Geoff), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Snickle (Andrew), EKG (Lee White), Lucky , Papi (Isaias Brito), F3 Poncharello (Aaron Denn), Ham (Chris Schafer), Floppy Disk (Tom Neal), Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men, Trey Fussell (Bill Nye), Gilmore (Jim T), PJ Corbesato (Crusty), Fahrenheit
FNGs: 1 Fahrenheit
Count: 16

Pledge of Allegiance
20 (Cadence) Side straddle hops
10 (Cadence) Imperial Walkers
5 (Cadence) Good mornings
10 (Cadence) Hillbillies
7 (3ct) Willie Mays Hayes
10 (Cadence) Sir Fazio arm circles, front and back
Downward Dog
10 count Calf Stretch (L&R)
10 count Runner’s Stretch
Mosey to Picnic Area
Thang 1
1 minute Erkin burnout
30 second Dips’s burnout
30 sec Derkin burnout
Mosey to Grass Area Near Road School
Thang 2
90 sec WWI burnout
90 sec X-Factors/Cross
Mosey to Street Hill Next to Middle School
Thang 3
7’s at Street (Hill) next to middle school
“Top of Hill” (2nd Street Light) Mike Tyson’s on curb
Mosey down to “Bottom of Hill” (hydrant)
Bottom of Hill Peter Parker Merkins
Bernie Sanders back up to “Top of Hill” on last up
Mosey to Wall at Middle School
The Thang 4
20 count Balls to Wall w/ Shoulder Taps (SC)
2min Peoples Chair
10 count Balls to Wall w/ Shoulder Taps (SC)
30 sec Peoples Chair
5 count Balls to Wall w/ Shoulder Taps (SC)
45 sec Wall Chairs
Mosey to School Field
The Thang 5
30 second American Hammer burnout
1 minute LBC burnout
1 minute burnout of Low Slow Flutters
Mosey Back to Flag.
Walk & slow mosey with Bernie Sanders along the way
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Welcome Fahrenheit and Thank You Papi for bringing him out. Deacon committee (Pawnee taking input on routes), Easter Sunday, Ham’s new church Cornerstone Baptist Church official launch at Wakefield Middle School (I believe 9:30am service), Wilson F3 CSAUP May 18th (Ruck Oriented – 4 man teams), Week after Mothers Day VQ week.
COT: Remember the Season, Lucky’s Father in-law in hospital to get a pacemaker on Monday, My neighbor John who lost his wife Roxanne after a very long and hard battle with cancer.

Great push HIM’s and Thank You the opportunity to take on Site Q at The Farm. Thank you Lucky for the many years of being Site Q.

Site Q Change Burnout