Backblast by Billy Goat on 11/27/2023

AO: Agoge

Date: 27-Nov-2023

Pax: Boingo, Boyz 2 Men, Chargrill, Curves, EKG, Floppy Disk, Green Thumb, Jay-Z, Little Dinghy, Money Pit, Oscar Mayer, Patch Adams, Pawnee, Prius, Rio, Roscoe P, Six Pack

Q: Six Pack Billy Goat

Cyber Monday Deals inspired YHC to double up on the alter-egos for a 2-for-1 beatdown. Six Pack set the scene for an all-too-festive Deadpool to emerge from the gloom and commandeer the Q. Adding to the in-progress side straddle hops, Logan aka Weapon X aka Wolverine aka “THE” Wolverine aka “Q Jackman” brought Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Hill Billys, Merkins, Mountain Climbers and “THE” Wolverine (burpee with three Merkins and a Peter Parker…not necessarily in that order). A set of inchworm style Sevens with Star Jumps and Hurpees (Hand Release Burpees) rounded out the warm up phase.

Special thanks to Green Thumb for ensuring that the flamboyant Q playlist didn’t get us banned from the Dean’s backyard.

The Pax next retrieved 24 brand spanking new coupons from the Goat-Mobile for Shoulder Press (slow, then in cadence until the burn) and CMU Swings. In front of Carson Hall, teams of two took down a modified Dora to the tune of 50 Jump Over Burpees, 100 Offset Merkins, and 150 Goblet Squats.

The party moved the coupons to their new home near the rock pile before retiring with 3 Minutes of Mary.

Thanks to Six Pack for graciously letting me steal his Q!

Good work, men!

Announcements: Rolesville Christmas Parade on Sunday, Dirty Santa after the Farm, and Fellowship Lunch on the 15th at Tlaquepaque in Wake Forest (11206 Capital)

Prayers: Prius’ friend who lost his wife to cancer, Little Dinghy’s fellow congregants who may lose their pregnancy, Patch Adam’s aunt battling dementia, and for peace in the Ukraine.