Backblast by Billy Goat on 11/16/2023

AO: Max Bandwidth

Date: 16-Nov-2023

PAX: BTS, Curves, Dig Dug, Dowry Dumbledore, Infidel, Jingle, Pawnee, Poncherello, Rio, Roscoe P, Snoopy, Spit Valve,

Q: Billy Goat

In posthumous observation of ODB’s birthday, 14 Pax broke down the seminal work of ODB’s Wu Tang Clan brethren, M-E-T-H-O-D Man. YHQ led a pre-warmup mosey around the parking lot to chase away the moderate cold. This call was followed by the standard Warm-Up (WU) of Side Straddle Hop, Good Morning, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Standard Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Helicopters, and Willie Mays Hays.

Moving into light pole work from the crosswalk, YHQ called 10 tuck jumps and back, 20 squats and back, 30 lunges and back, 40 SSH and back, and 50 calf raises. Staying up top, Curves took initiative with a Mary call before YHQ moved to Tha Thang.

At each of six stops, the following exercises were stacked:

• M – Manmakers (all 8-points; i.e. a burpee with a plank jack after the Merkin)

• E – Erkins (incline Merkins)

• T -Tuck Jumps (a jump with a tuck of the legs)

• H – Hand Release Merkins (Merkin with a full stop at the bottom)

• O – One-Legged Burpees (Burpee, only one leg at a time)

• D – Derkins (decline Merkins)

First stop was one M. Second stop was two Ms followed by 3 Es. Third stop was 3 Ms, 4 Es, 5 Ts. Fourth stop was 4 Ms, 5 Es, 6 Ts, 7 Hs. The penultimate stop was 5 Ms, 6 Es, 7 Ts, 8 Hs, 9 Os. Sixth stop was 6 Ms, 7 Es, 8 Ts, 9 Hs, 10 Os, and 11 Ds.

With the chest, tris, and shoulders nicely engaged, the PAX moved into the 36 CHAMBERS of Death (kid) with 6 of each of the aforementioned 6 exercises on repeat for 6 rounds. Each round was interrupted by the opportunity for lower body engagement with an “8 Diagram Pole” run around the parking lot.

Fellowship lunch at Gatehouse Tavern on Friday, Friendsgiving Potluck on Saturday at Opie’s (as hosted by Menthol), Thanksgiving Convergence at Max Bandwidth, Ol’ Dirty Santa on 2-Dec, Rolesville Parade on 3-Dec.

Prayers for our World! Wu Tang is for the Children!!

Great push, all!