Backblast by Tarzan on 02/09/2023

Site: Excalibur
Q: Tarzan
Pax: 9 – Bill Nye, Lucky, Stryper, Iverson, Fivehole, Sharkbait, Deez Fools, Sgt. Hulka

Warmup: SSH, Good Mornings, Sir Fazio, Willie Mays Hays

4 Corners Drill, inspired by Ham (Chris Schafer).

1 exercise per corner, number of reps increased at each corner:
1st corner: 1x 1 1/4 Squat
2nd corner: 2x Shoulder Tap Merkins
3rd corner: 3x LT Dan’s
4th corner: 4x Box Cutter

Repeat, increasing reps by one
1st corner: 5x 1 1/4 Squat
2nd corner: 6x Shoulder Tap Merkins
3rd corner: 7x LT Dan’s
4th corner: 8x Box Cutter

Repeat until completing 28 box-cutters, which brought us right to 6:15.

The PAX who told me my 2nd Q “was pretty easy” said, “This is stupid, Tarzan” as we went down to start 26 Shoulder-tap Merkins on the last round, for a grand total of 98 Shoulder Tap Merkins.

Announcements: Feb 16th is ToolTime (Dave Calverley)s last Q as AO at DarkNight & hand-off to Stairway, Kelly Barnes

Prayers for Lucky’s son regarding health and medication

Enjoyed a F2 after the workout at our local diner, where Iverson (Jerod) brought his vibrator (not that kind) and relaxed our shoulders and backs from all of those (stupid) Shoulder-Tap Merkins. Stryper (Clay) got on ChatGPT and created Sharkbait (Jarrod Scott)’s next sermon for him. Clearly not your typical F2, but great F2 fellowship.

Great to have Five Hole (Kristopher Brown) out with us again! It has been too long.

Thanks to all PAX who came out!