Backblast by Stairway, Kelly Barnes on 06/17/2023

Dark Knight 6/15/23

Not hot yet but getting there
Q: stairway
Pax: Klinger, soft trail, tool time, poncherello, black jack, and FNG meter made.

After warm up Indian run around knightdale station to our favorite rock pile by the lake. We swapped rocks while working down from 20 to 5, dropping by 5 each time, doing bent over rows, shoulder taps and curls.

Returned rocks and slow moseyed over to the socker goals and completed 4 rounds of Cindy’s

Lastly went to the steep hill at the back of the park and completed a round of 7’s consisting of sumo squats and low slow flutters.

Made it back to the flag for Mary

Pray for those on the IR