Backblast by F3 Phunny on 06/20/2023

7 HIM (not Floppy though) mustered their courage and came out to The Corral at Joyner Park to face the foreshadowed workout of doom…the dreaded Cleve’s Monster. Pulled from movements of the Deck of Death, the workout consisted of the following:
6 rounds of:

• 6 reps of: a 8-pt Manmaker (with ruck) followed immediately by a Brickyard Manmaker with a sandbag (sandbag clean, squat thruster, hold sandbag over head for L/R lunges before returning the sandbag to the ground). Each pax felt the unholy hands of Hell pulling at their soul as the last rep was finished…
• 6 reps of ruck swings
• 6 reps of low slow flutters with ruck over head
• ~0.25 mile ruck recovery
We finished at just a minute over the prescribed 45 minutes. COT, announcements (Beer ruck in July – we think YES), prayers for Pawnee’s (sp??) fiancé and for Phunny’s wife’s knee recovery. Welcome Back Cotter to Single Wide!!