Backblast by Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell) on 12/01/2023

AO: Max Bandwith
Date: November 30,
Pax: (14) Rio, Tube Top, Spit Valve, Snoopy, @Dig Dug, Elton, Snickle, @Ham, willrray B&E, @Patch Adams, Jingle, Dumbledore
Q: Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell)

14 Pax braved the cold 30* start and entered the gloom on this last day of November. Warm up consisted of SSH, champions dance, hillbilly, mountain climbers, merkins, Sir Fazio’s, & stretches.

Group counted off in 4s and headed to 4 separate stations around the school. 1 group @ each station.

Station 1
Pull ups – 10
Freddy Mercury’s – 20 in cadence
Jump squats – 30
Mosey to Station 2

Station 2
Kettle bell swings w/coupon – 30
American hammers – 20 (L/R =1)
Bent over rows w/coupon – 30
Mosey to Station 3

Station 3
Clean & press w/coupon – 30
Curls w/coupon – 30
Tricep extension w/coupon -30
Mosey to Station 4

Station 4
Burpees -20
Outlaws – 20 in slow cadence count
Dips -30
Rinse & repeat

1.5 revolutions were completed before pax had to rack the coupons and head to COT. Great effort by all.

Last day of Jingle sharing initiative. Snickle and Dig Dug shared.

Announcements: Dirty Santa Sat 12/2 at Knightdale Station Park 8am. Rolesville Christmas parade Sun 12/3. Spit Valves band playing multiple Christmas gigs over next few weekend so get out and see them.
Snickles pregnant friends
Kids preparing for end of semester tests

Praise: Patch Adam’s daughter Angelica got accepted to 2 OT schools and awaiting word on a third. Way to go Angelica!