Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 07/07/2023

Date: 7/5/23
AO: Quarantine
Q: “Rio”
Pax: 8 ( Boyz II Men, Oscar Meyer, Drain Snake, Ascot, Curves, Tube Top, Peat Moss, Rio)
YHC blasted leftover Independence Day tunes, as we quickly warmed up, ran a 5 island parking lot Suicide, then moseyed over to the Hendrick Automotive building where we embarked on a 3.5 round, “3,2,1” Strength, Cardio, Core program. The concept is to remain in near constant motion throughout the workout, & to utilize multiple muscle groups (never popular) during several movements. Pax grabbed rocks.
Round 1 –
15 Walk Out Merkins – 25 Curls w/Static Lunge pose (R)- 15 Walk Out Merkins- 25 Curls w/Static Lunge (L).
15 SSH (IC) – 15 Plank Jacks (IC). Repeat
25 LBC (IC) – 25 WWI’s.
Round 2 –
15 Tricept Ext- 25 OHP. Repeat
15 High Knees – 15 Butt Kicks. Repeat
Round 3 –
15 Bent Rows – 25 Squat Hold/Arm Ext. Outward. Repeat.
Cardio: 15 Mtn Climbers – 15 Parker Peters. Repeat
Core: 20 Low Slow Flutters (IC) – 20 Zombie Crunch (10 Ea. Side)

Round 4 (Abbreviated for Time)
Strength: Heavy Side Bend from standing position (This was the experimental move)
20 Apollo Ohno’s – 20 Jump Squats. Repeat
30 Freddie Mercury’s (IC)
Mosey back to Flag.