Backblast by Billy Goat on 08/31/2023

AO: Quarantine
Date: 30-Aug-2023
Pax: Roscoe P, Spit Valve, Rio, Tube Top, Ascot, Mr. T, Jingle, Jay-Z, BTS, Money Pit
Q: :goat:

Eleven Pax treated themselves to a lite IPC appetizer and a tribute to Rio’s favorite 80s emo rockers at Quarantine on Beatdown’s Eve. After the preamble was delivered, YHQ led the Pax to the refined, cozy asphalt of the lower lot for a Broga style warmup. Switching gears to the official IPC Week Zero warmup, 13 reps of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Shoulder Taps, Mountain Climbers, and Plank Jacks were called.

Moseying short of 800 m, the Pax practiced proper form on HR Merkins and Dips before another longer mosey up Perry Creek Rd. The HIM stopped for a set of Jerkins (inverted rows) to correct for the missing pull motions in the first IPC trial. YHQ relocated the group to the top of the north parking garage for a set of Sevens featuring Merkins and WW2s. Rock work outside of the parking facility capped off the appetizers (8 reps each of Overhead Press, Goblet Squats, and Swings). A single Furpee (burpee ending in the fetal position) ended the session.

Iron Pax Week 0: “The WIN” Vol. 2 kicks off at Max Bandwidth. 9/11 stair climb will be at Carter Finley again this year. Plan ahead to join the roadside cleanup in October.

Prayers for safety for those in Idalia’s path.

Great work!