Backblast by Green Thumb (Ray Perry) on 04/11/2023

AO: Agoge
Q: Green Thumb
PAX: (18) Housekeeping, Hambone, Counterfeit, Prius, Phunny, Rio, Boyz-2-Men, Jay Z, 6-pack, Rosco P, Tube Top, Ham, Chargrill, Oscar Meyer, Kitty Hawk, Squeaks, & Little Dinghy.

Warm Up: SSH, Imperial Walker, Sir Fazios, Millie Mayes Hayes, Good Mornings, & mozie around the quad area.

PAX counted off into 4 teams and headed off to designated stations. 1st round, Complete 5 burpees and 10 reps of each exercise, then run to the next station as a group. Add 5 reps to each exercise with each additional round. The burpees count remains at 5 at each station.

Station 1 (corner at Agoge flag): Carolina Dry Docks, Lt. Dan’s, Shoulder Taps (IC)
Station 2 (corner at S Wingate): Merkins, Bobby Hurley’s, Mt. Climbers (IC)
Station 3 (stairs at Student Center): Mike Tysons, Bulgarian Squats, Stair Serpentine ( 1 lap per round)
Station 4 (stairs next to Carson Hall): Wide Arm Merkins, Calf Raises (IC), Plank Jacks (IC)

PAX made it through two rounds with enough time for some Mary, LSF, CBLs, Wipers, Outlaws, & J-lo’s

Saturday, April 15, Wake Forest ½ Marathon (several PAX running and supports Wakefield School Foundation)
Friday, April 21, Luncheon at Prime BBQ in Knightdale
Saturday, May 6, Wake Forest Meet in the Street
Saturday, May 20, Brew/ Beverage Ruck

Q’s are wide open in the coming weeks. If you haven’t Q’d in a couple of months, now is the time to sign up. You don’t have to wait for the week before.

Prayers: Elton, whose father passed last Thursday, Phunny’s wife Shabril’s knee, Kitty Hawks job search, Boyz-2-Men’s father’s health