Backblast by Dumbledore (Dave Monaco) on 04/23/2024

Backblast! Hall of Fame Effort

AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Dumbledore (Dave Monaco)
PAX: Bean Counter (Coleman B.), Dumbledore (Dave Monaco), Elton (Tim), Melamine (Chad), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Spit Valve (Geoff), Thingamabob (Ariel), Deductible, Inches Short
FNGs: None
Count: 9

Bandwidth welcomed Inches Short from Cape Fear F3 for a cool spring morning infused with tunes from the recently named Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Members


Side straddle hop
Fugazi arm circles
Worlds greatest stretch
Calf stretch
Good mornings



Pax took extended Mosey to the Trashmore circle for a DORA. While partner ran to base of Trashmore Hill and back, other partner dug in on

  • 75 Derkins
  • 100 LBCs
  • 150 squats

Pax did plank shoulder taps till all groups finish then 10 burpees as a group.

We then Moseyed to Get Coupon. Group alighted to soccer sideline with three cones stationed across the 50 years pitch.

Completed an OYO

  • Run to first cone and back – 10 Over coupon merkins
  • Run to second cone and back- 15 Coupon cleans to overhead
  • Run to third cone back – 20 Thrusters with coupon
  • Murder Bunny to the second cone rifle carry back

Squat hold till Pax completes

Pax took off to the back playground for an final DORA

  • Partner One did a Wall sit to a Bear plank.

while other partner went to the playground to do

  • 5 pull ups
  • 15 jump and touches
  • 20 step ups single count

We did five burpees together and then headed for the circle.


  • Shakira’s
  • WWIIs
  • V-ups
  • box cutters


Thingmabob leads Q at Wake Tech tomorrow

F3 Cape Fear celebrates anniversary on June 5-6-7 with an array of Qs.


Deductibles mom healing from broken wrist

Maneater? In Raleigh F3 with a cancer diagnosis

Hall of Fame Effort