Backblast by Billy Goat on 09/06/2023

AO: Bandwidth

Date: 5-Sep-2023

Pax: Patch Adams, Melamine, Roscoe P, Peat Moss, Oscar Mayer, Thingamabob, Snoopy, BTS, Curves, B&E, Rio, Spit Valve, Bean Counter, Kindergarten Cop

Q: Billy Goat

Theme/Playlist: Work Boundaries

Fifteen Pax played zone defense in an empty parking lot while protecting their house. Warmup featured the usual suspects as well as a few oldies but baddies (SSH, GM, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Windmill, Knee pull, quad stretch, Heel pull, Hamstring scoops).

With Dolly Parton belting the 9-to-5 theme song on 9/5, YHQ called light pole work stacking 9 reps of squats (x5), 9 Carolina Dry Docks (x4), 9 single count lunges (x3), 9 groiners (x2), and 9 star jumps (x1) at each light pole with hand release/release (no cheat) Merkins at the cross walk.

The playlist converted the second half of the workout to a literal demonstration of boundaries (aka “The Penalty Box”) with each HIM lining up at a cross of the parking lines. A variety of plyo metric calls were announced at 30-50 second intervals to leave little for final Mary (LBC and Homer to Marge).

Lateral hops
Forward & back hops
Icky shuffle
Explode/hold Apolo Oh-Nos
Stagger Merkins
Single leg hops CW/CCW
Bear crawl to merkin four square
MC Shuffle
Bonnie Blair
Broad jump to back pedal
Burpee lateral tuck jump over
Plank slalom

Come celebrate Floppy Disk’s DOUBLE RESPECT birthday Q at Quarantine tomorrow (6-Sep). 9/11 stairclimb at Carter-Finley (clown car TBD). The Deacon ‘23 signup is posted. Be sure to join! Many other announcements in the latest newsletter and on the F3NEWake website.

Prayers for Kindergarten Cop awaiting a pancreas scan tomorrow and for Thingamabob’s daughter and son-in-law as they start their next chapter in Germany.

Great Work!