Backblast by Billy Goat on 02/29/2024

Backblast! Two Minutes Too Many

AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Billy Goat
PAX: BTS Bales, Curves (Aaron Stork), Dumbledore (Dave Monaco), Green Thumb (Ray Perry), Josh Burton (jingle), Money Pit (Blake Anderson), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell), Spit Valve (Geoff), Wrigley, Yoda (Royce), Don’t Fix It
FNGs: None
Count: 13

13 Pax spent Leap Day learning the depth of pain that can be experienced two minutes at a time. Warmarama initiated with a short mosey, then Side Straddle Hop, Hill Billys, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Inverted Mountain Climbers (Reverse Plank Position), Turkish Get-ups, and “World War Sevens” (1 merkin, jump up, 6 WW2s, jump up, 2 merkins, jump up, 5 WW2s….and so on).

Moving to the playground, YHQ spent 20-30 minutes instructing the HIM on the 12 station circuit prior to setting a two-minute Tabata timer.

Station 1: Pull-Push – Using the rope, pull crate in seated row motion. Alternate reps with partner (20 reps each). Push crate to cone and back. Rest for remaining time.

Station 2: Steer it Up – Assume plank position on Bosu. Move ball in circular motion (stir the pot) avoiding middle and sides of the Bosu. Hold Plank to time.

Station 3: Swing A-Bomb – Starting from plank position with feet on the swing, tuck knees to chest, then extend and perform one merkin (20 reps). Rest for remaining time.

Station 4: Turkish Get-Ups – Lay flat on your back with weight raised and the same leg bent. Raise up and thread straight leg through to kneeling, stand-up keeping weight raised throughout; reverse motion to lie down. Switch sides for each rep to time.

Station 5: They See Me Rolling – Perform ab rollouts (20 reps). CBLs in cadence for remaining time.

Station 6: Body Boss – One partner performs squat to press while standing on the Body Boss. Second partner performs curls. Switch after 20 reps. Squat Hold for remaining time.

Station 7: Mtn Climbers – Perform 75 mountain climbers in cadence. Rest for remaining time.

Station 8: Table Split Squats – With foot on the bench, perform Bulgarian split squats (15 reps) and switch legs. Left/Right Step Ups for remaining time.

Station 9: Fibonacci Merkins – Bear Crawl between squares and perform 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 Merkins (increasing series by adding previous two boxes). Rest for remaining time.

Station 10: Plyometric Course – Complete each Plyometric obstacle in series. Repeat course to time.

Station 11: Ball-Wall-Curse – Perform one Merkin, walk feet up the wall and back down, two merkins, walk feet up the wall and back down, Three merkins…..Repeat series to time.

Station 12: A Bigger Dinghy – Rotate side-to-side while holding a “water balloon” (30 LR rotations). Perform 15 Heavy Flutters. Repeat series to time.


• Convergence and 5k Pot-o-Gold at Knightdale Station Park on 16-Mar

• March Madness 2nd F events at Real McCoy’s (12 pm…RSVP!) and Waffle House (2 pm…surprise Denny!)


• Wrigley’s girlfriend’s family mourning a loved one

• Red Sea (F3 Raleigh) going through a tough time

Great work, Men!