Backblast by Billy Goat on 02/17/2023

AO: Boiler Room
Date: 17-Feb-2023
PAX: Ascot, BiLo, Boingo, Chargrill, Curves, EKG, Gutter Helmet, Kitty Hawk, Little Dinghy, Melamine, Money Pit, Pierogi, Prius, Rimz, Rio, Roscoe P, Six Pack, Tube Top
Ruckers: Chickenhawk, Counterfeit, Febreeze, Floppy Disk, Green Thumb, Menthol
Runners: Jack Jack and Gilmore
Q: Billy Goat

Double Respect paid to His Airness, The G.O.A.T.: Michael Jeffrey Jordan on his 60th birthday. Warmarama was all about seemingly impossible hangtime with 1-2-3-23 cadence calls on Side Straddle (Hip) Hop and Good Morning Cherry Pickers followed by more grounded Merkins and stretches. The debut (and final attempt) of “Imperial Running Man” rounded out the warm-up.

The next call involved an “MJ” inchworm style set of sevens with 8-point Manmakers and JLo moving 2 islands down and one back with each set. At the basketball courts, the PAX broke into two groups with the intent of playing “knockout” on one half and rotating through ten pain stations on the other. While this concept deteriorated quickly, there was more than enough work to be done at the ten stations described below:
Station 1: From North….Carolina
15 Carolina Dry Dock
15 Low Country crab (in cadence)

Station 2: Swagger
10 Garden Mike (Think Bonnie Blair with a jump shot)
10 Mike Tyson (Feet to curb, horizontal squat to Merkin)

Station 3: Flight
20 Jump Man (Star Jump with one hand up, tongue akimbo)
20 Tuck Jump

Station 4: It’s Gotta Be the Shoes
Broad Jump to Cone
High Skip back

Station 5: Beat the Bad Boys
20 CMU Curl
20 CMU Shoulder Press
20 CMU Triceps Extension

Station 6: Scottie Skippin’
60 Jump Rope
Side shuffle to cone and back (Low Defense Stance)
60 jump rope

Station 7: Superman and Rodman
WW2 with Med Ball (On your six and toe to toe with a partner,
big boy sit up with the medicine ball and chest pass to your
partner as he starts the decline. TEN each).

Station 8: 3-Peat Stance
10 Steve Kerr (Like Bobby Hurley, only better →Sumo squat to
jump, 2 high knees in cadence)
10 Dennis Rodman (Like Mahktar N’Diaye, only weirder → Plank
to chill-cut then back up, two mountain climbers, and two
plank jacks in the up position

Station 9: Squat Toss FTW
Each partner gets 3 shots (full squat to two handed slam ball
throw toward the opposing goal); alternate shooter
Winner does 10 LBCs (in cadence), Loser does 10 V-Ups

Station 10: 6 Fingered Man
6 Outlaw (CW)
6 Outlaw (CCW)
Ring of Fire (Each pax at this station does 23 Merkins while the
rest hold plank, rotate CW)

With some time wasted loading YHC’s car, the PAX circled up by 06:17. Great push by all!

Reminders for the Bourbon/Beer share at Waffle’s House, CSAUP alert for The Mule on March 11. Join Pierogi’s birthday Q on Monday at Agoge.

Prayers for the family of Money Pit’s work associate who was murdered in Durham yesterday. Prayers for the new babies mentioned. Welcome to the world! Prayers for Cheesesteak undergoing back surgery.