Backblast by Ray Perry on 10/22/2022

Red Dawn
Q: @ray.perry17

5 PAX: @tpnealjr @thompi8255 @ariel.rosario @kip.lowery

Warmed up with Boiler Room group and headed out to the soccer field with a variety of 40lb, 60lb and 80lb sand bags.

At the soccer field we conducted several native people ruck, last pax completes 3 squats then runs to the front, loops around the field. After each lap we conduced a series of sand bag exercises

Lap 1: Front sand bag toss across the field, Side toss (alternating sides) back across the field.
Lap 2: 20 cling, press and behind the back drops (name unknown) and 20 squats with sand bags
Lap 3: 20 curls and 20 kettle swings with rucks
Last lap around we rucked with the sand bags then back to the flag.

We beat the Boiler Room crew back and left time for some heavy Mary with rucks. LSF, V-Ups and LBCs.
Now I know to stick with the 60lb bag, ooff.