Backblast by Ray Perry on 09/27/2022

Site: Agoge
Q: Green Thumb
Pax: 20

Green Thumb modified his original posting with the Deck of Death from 4 yrs ago. Instead of the standard back and forth, we played PAX poker. PAX formed 5 four-man teams and ran around the big grassy area, stopping at five stations along the way. At each station, teams drew a card and performed said exercise. Face cards = 20 reps, Aces = 25 reps, and all others add ten to the card number. Teams held onto each card (5 total) and returned to the starting point.

Teams then played PAX poker to see who had the best hand, and all groups completed the five exercises in the winning hand, a pair of 4s. Teams repeated for a second round with a pair of Ks, the winner this time. All teams were winners except those who drew 25 burpees.

This left time for a few minutes of Mary.