Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 08/17/2023

8/16 Quarantine
Q and Pax: 16

Warmup: SSH, Good Mornings, Willy Mayes Hayes, Wis Stretch, Sir Fazio’s

The Thang- worlds worst workout

YHC and Pax ran a gauntlet of worlds worst merkins and worlds worst squat. Starting and 1 end of the parking lot, pax performed 5 worlds worst merkins. Pax then journeyed to the far side of the lot for 10 worlds worst squat. Halfway point marked 3 burpees. Repeato thru lot 6x. Pax then moseyed to lower lot for a condensed round of Ham Count Ups (1,2,3,4,5…23,24) exercises included hand release merkins, IC Freddie’s, IC Flutters, and squats. At 0600 exercises halted and Pax ventured to the parking deck to take on the SoC belt challenge. Congrats to Money Ball for taking it home this year.

Prayers: ascot and peat moss’s Family members suffering from cancer, those returning to school, and a friend who recently suffered a miscarriage.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead