Backblast by Kitty Hawk on 07/10/2023

7/10 Agoge. 27 PAXs endured the seminary tour and trivia challenge. Typical NEWake warm up. Then to the gym (home of the first college basketball championship) for Bobby Hurleys, Freddy Mercury’s, and stairs. Then to Staley Hall (center for horse carriage racing) for a lap consisting of Bernie Sanders, karaoke, butt kickers, and lunge walk. Then to the trees (spot for hidden unmentionable activities) for J Lo’s, monkey humpers, and squats. Then to Broyhill hall (to line up for forced sterilizations) for pickle pointers, hello Dolly’s, and LBCs. Then to Adams Hall (aka, the morgue) for dying cockroaches and the new Death Crawl. Then to the building on the corner (party house) for seal claps and the new breakdance merkin. And then the audile to the chapel (where there’s chapel) for a round of 7’s. Special thanks to my daughter (feather pen…she does FIA) for her input.