Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 12/27/2022

Site: Agoge
Q: Ham
Pax: Greenthumb, Floppy, Elton, Chicken Hawk, Pierogi, Counterfeit, Oscar Meyer, Jack Jack, Gilmore, Thingymabob, Jay Z, Melamine, Boyz II Men, Bill Nye

Warm Up:
SSH / Good Mornings / Willy Mays Hayes / mountain climbers/

The Thang: Ham gifted a belated Christmas present to all PAX in the form of a traveling rock, which we carried with us for the full hour workout.

Pax moseyed over to the stairs for 3 rounds of snaking up and down the steps in front of the “basketball stadium”

Pax then Moseyed to the suck blocks for a condensed WOD “Super Legs”

3 Rounds of:
27 Squats
27 Alternating Lunges
27 single count step ups
10 jump squats

PAX then native peoples ran to the Wake Forest High School baseball field, where we found pull up bars, dip bars, and incline sit up stations

PAX completed 10 minutes of Cindy (5 Pull Ups, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats)

Pax then completed 10 minutes of 5 Dips, 10 Incline Sit Ups, 15 Bobby Hurleys

Pax then Native Peoples ran back to the rock pile. Before returning rocks, Pax completed 27 Curls, 27 OHP, 27 tricep extensions.

1 minute Mary and COT to end.

Prayers for Jeffrey and Boyz II Men’s father as they continue to fight their illnesses, those traveling for holidays and spending time with family.

Thank you for letting me lead you in the gloom men.