Backblast by Dumbledore (Dave Monaco) on 02/13/2024

Backblast! First timer

AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Dumbledore (Dave Monaco)
PAX: Squeaks (Neal), Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell), Yoda (Royce), Melamine (Chad), Tube Top (Matt Boretti), Billy Goat, Snickle (Andrew), Thingamabob (Ariel), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), F3 B and E, BTS Bales, Spit Valve (Geoff)
FNGs: None
Count: 14

WARMUP: enjoying the rain…side straddle hop, good mornings, world greatest stretch (plus), windmills, mosey lap around the lot, sir fazio

11s by 4: pax used four light poles on upper parking lot. 10 Peter (Pan) Parker pushups at the start and 1 Bobby (Billy) Hurley at first pole. Successive BHs moved to the next pole out.

Mosey to lower lot

6×6 explosive jumps: stand along parking strip. Explosive jump to first strip, bear crawl to second, explosive jump to third, imperial walker/billy goat to fourth, explosive jump to fifth, prisoner walk to sixth, jog back to start, repeat 6 times

Mosey lap around lot. Dumbledore leaking ideas

To benches: 100 exercises OYO: 25 derkins, 25 flutter kicks, 25 dips, 25 step ups single count

Mosey to under the awning (better late than never)

70 burpees around the horn – ended up 5 per Pax

5 mins of Marys group called

Mosey to circle, still not 6:15. 30’secobd squat hold, 30 should tap planks, 15 second squat hold, 15’should tap planks


First timer