Backblast by Billy Goat on 12/15/2022

AO: Max Bandwidth
Date: 15-Dec
Pax: Spit Valve, Oscar Mayer, Roscoe P, Peat Moss, Green Thumb
Q: Billy Goat

Six for “Dice Hard” at Max Bandwidth. Warmarama included the usual suspects, a short mosey and some new suck block modifications. Left/Right step ups were followed by single legged eccentric squats to ”curtsy” squats and a round of “shindiggers” with hops from side to side over the suck block with hands on top of the block.

The ME consisted of three rounds of six rolls of the dice with different multipliers at each station. Station one dove featured Merkin and Mary calls with roller’s choice of 3x or 5x attached (e.g. 3 on the number die could yield a combo of 9 diamond merkins and 15 LBCs in cadence or 9 LBCs and 15 diamond merkins). JLo nearly broke the Pax on round 1. Short runs were mixed in to stay warm in the unkind wintery wind.

Round 2 packed in lower body exercises and a total body combo with 2x and 5x multipliers. Round 3 finished with 5x on both calls with an anaerobic call and a potpourri die. Roscoe P’s double burpee roll FTW!!

Agoge on Boxing Day (26-Dec) will be from 7-8.

Prayers for Rosco P’s sister Debbie, friend Al, Destro starting chemo last night, and Menthol recovering from knee surgery. And for Peace in the Ukraine :flag-ua:

Great work!