Backblast by Green Thumb on 09/03/2022

Site: Red Dawn
Q: @ray.perry17
PAX: 5
@tpnealjr @kip.lowery @shaunhanna @clayster7

Following Thingabob’s Boiler Room warmup Green Thumb led Rucking PAX to the soccer field for his Rucking VQ.

First up was a Native American Ruck around the field perimeter. Last PAX completes 3 squats w/ ruck and run to the front. Every 2 minutes, PAX drops ruck to complete 15 ruck swings, 15 ruck high pulls, and 15 V-ups holding the ruck. 2-minute starts again when PAX completes the set. Rucked around the field enough times to complete 4 sets of exercises.

Back the start, drop our rucks and grab 60lb sandbags. PAX planked in a line and pull the sandbag underneath one another for 4 trips down and back. PAX then completed a relay race across the field and back. One team of three and one Clydesdale team of two. One pax side tosses 60lb bag and completes a burpee, next PAX up tosses and completes a burpee. PAX continue leapfrogging till the reach the other sideline.

Same sequence on the way back but cling and press the bag instead of side throw. It was close but the brawn won out over the speed in this race.
This left a little time for curls, tri extensions and bent-over rows before rucking back to the flag for some Mary as we waited for the Boiler Room PAX to return.

Come and check out Red Dawn Rucking AO sometime. It will be fun!
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