Backblast by Yoda (Royce) on 01/25/2024

Backblast! Max Bandwidth – Yoda

AO: Max Bandwidth
Q: Yoda (Royce)
PAX: Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Pierogi, Squeaks (Neal), Dig Dug (Todd Fischer), Snoopy (Barron Holland), Char-Grill (Pavlo), Spit Valve (Geoff), Green Thumb (Ray Perry), Ham (Chris Schafer), Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell), F3 B and E, Billy Goat, Peat Moss
FNGs: None
Count: 14

THE THANG: Partner up. While one partner runs the small loop in the parking lot, the other does AMRAP exercises and then flapjack. You only do one set of each of these exercises before moving on (I’m sure I’m forgetting some, and the order is all wrong).
-Wide Arm Merkins
-Jump Squats
-Curb Derkins

We moseyed to the road between the parking lots and access road. We did an OYO “stack ’em” with 3 Merkins at the first light pole, 3 Merkins back at start, 6 Squats at the second pole, 3 Merkins + 6 Squats back at start, 9 Star Jumps at the third pole, and 3 Merkins, 6 Squats, and 9 Star Jumps back at Start.

We then did two full sets of “Meet in the Middle”. One partner runs out to the third pole and suicides back down to start. The other partner runs out to the first pole and suicides up to the third pole. Whenever you meet your partner, you perform 10 Hand Clap / Patty Cake Merkins. Once that was finished, we reversed roles and did it all again, but with only 5 Hand Clap Merkins.

We finished up with a Parking Lot Merkin Bear Crawl across the entire large parking lot.
MARY: Rosco P and a few others called some Mary to wrap things up.