Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 02/14/2023

Bandwidth. 2/14/23:
“Sexy & 17” PAX felt the love this morning at Bandwidth. Typically brief Rio warm-up, & right into a round campus mosey where Pierogi picked up some “Counterfeit” cash & a gallon jug of H20 which he had to then carry with him the remainder of the workout. We stopped for 2 rounds of 14 Quick Feet, although YHC could not quite get the end count # correctly, an issue which plagued the entire Q. Ham, stepping in for Elton then read out that we would be completing a ladder up the E Side hill by doing a combined 15 Hand Release Merkins, 30 Merkins, 45 Squats, & 60 LBC’s. We then made our way to the Suck Brix, although not before we ran a fast Column Slalom, where Roscoe P got a new set of wheels, & informed the Pax we would be doing 2 sets of 20 Dips, 15 Irkins, 15 Low Slow Flutters, & 15 L-R Step Ups. We ran one 3 island suicide that featured Bear Crawl, High-Knee & Bernie Sanders as some fo the modes of transit.
Next we moseyed west towards the Goat Pen, playground where did a slight variation on Ab work. 20Second Plank Hold, 20 single count Shakira’s – Right, 20 second Chilcutt Plank Hold, 20 Shakira’s Left. The 10 WW1’s, 10 Leg Lifts, & 10 V-Ups. Repeat all!
We tried to do 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Sprint Burpees, but ran out of time somewhere around the 4 Burpee count.
Be sure to place your order for the Mud gear F3 NE Wake shirt if you want one before tonight. Prayers for Pierogi’s mother-in-law,& family friend. Prayers for Roscoe’s friend Al, & his family’s grief. I am forgetting one person; Felix? Have a love filled Valentine’s Day! It was a blast leading you this morning.