Backblast by Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni) on 01/11/2023

5 HIM posted @ Quarantine this frosty pre-dawn as YHC led the “Action 5” through a 2 circuit, 565 Rep, 2.4 Mile total workout. Each circuit was broken into 4 categories. Cardio-Lower Body-Upper Body-Abs, with a lap mosey around the Mario Cart parking lot between each set.
After a late start, we warmed up w/ 10 Imperial Walkers, 6 Good Mornings, 10 SSH, & 10 Plank Jacks. We then made our way over to the gorgeous Hendrick Motor Sport building parking lot to begin the circuits.
Circuit 1:
Cardio = 25 Plank Jax (IC). 25 Star Jumps. 10 Burpees. Run Lap
Pick Up Non Traveling Rock for most of the movements.
Lower Body = 25 Squats. 25 L-R Lunges. 25 Monkey Humpers (20 IC, the last 5 single count). Run Lap
Upper Body = 25 Curls. 25 Overhead Presses/ 25 Bent Rows. Run Lap
Abs= 25 LBC (IC). 25 WW1’s. 25 Low Slow Flutters (IC), Run Lap

Circuit 2:
Cardio= 25 Mtn Climbers (IC). 25 Apollo Ohno’s. 10 Burpees. Run slightly shorter Lap
Lower Body= 25 Bobby Hurley’s. 25 Reverse Lunges. 25 Broad Jumps (jumping towards lap). Run Lap
Upper Body = 25 Triceps Ext. 25 Kettle Swings. 25 Bent Rows. Run Lap
Abs = 25 Reverse LBC. 25 WW2’s. 20 Freddie Mercury’s (IC)

Mosey to flag for 6:16 finish

COT: Please ask about & then sign up for Jingle’s Mingle. Be on the lookout for upcoming & exciting 1st, 2nd, & 3rd F opportunities.

Prayers for Al & Brin. Destro. Ukraine, & all others suffering with acute illness, & other wellness challenges.

As always… honor to lead!