Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 01/23/2024

Backblast! Run Run Run

AO: Bandwidth
Q: Ham (Chris Schafer)
PAX: Josh Burton (jingle), BTS Bales, Ham (Chris Schafer), Rosco P (Rich O’Donnell), Elton (Tim), Billy Goat, Dumbledore (Dave Monaco), Snoopy (Barron Holland), Dig Dug (Todd Fischer), Snickle (Andrew), Curves (Aaron Stork), Rio (Andrew DiGiovanni), Menthol (Joel Cade), Spit Valve (Geoff), Tube Top (Matt Boretti), B&E, Patch Adams
FNGs: None
Count: 17

WARMUP: standard warmup with SSH, High Knee Pulls, Quad Stretch, Willy Mayes hays, merkins etc.

THE THANG: Pax Warmed up at the Suck Blocks with 30 Derkins, 30 L/R step ups, and 20 IC Flutters.

Proceeded to take on a modified hero WOD “Shawn”

Pax partner up and would run for a running 5 minute timer. When the 5 minute time went off, Pax each would do 25 Merkins / squats / lbc

Think we made it through 5/6 rounds

MARY: standard 5 min rotating ab work


Run Run Run