Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 01/06/2024

Backblast! EMOMORAMA!

AO: Farm
Q: Ham (Chris Schafer)
PAX: Trey Fussell (Bill Nye), Boingo (Jeffrey Christensen), Floppy Disk (Tom Neal), Green Thumb (Ray Perry), Flush (Clay Campbell), Dowry (Derrick Wolfe)
FNGs: None
Count: 6


PAX stayed dry and under the gazebo the entire workout to take on Ham’s EMOMorama. With a running clock PAX performed and exercise, every minute a timer went off and “rewarded” PAX with a penalty exercise. Breakdown below:

1) 25 Squat Thrusts, every minute 5 Merkins
2) 50 Burpees, every minute 5 Merkins
3) 75 Merkins, every minute 5 Irkins
4) 100 single count lunges, every minute 5 Tuck Jumps
5) 125 air squat, every minute 2 LT Dans
6) 150 L/R American Hammers, every minute 5 shoulder taps
7) 175 Single Count Mountain Climbers, every minute 5 squat thrusts
8) 200 OHP, every minute 5 Carolina dry docks
9) 225 LBC, every minute 5 WWII

This brought us to 759 for have a nice day

– Fellowship luncheon 2 Fridays from now at city BBQ.
– :rotatinglight: Patch Adams VQ Alert :rotatinglight: Agoge this Monday.


Prayers for family health this time of year, as well as spiritual, emotional, and mental health throughout 2024.