Backblast by Gilmore (Jim T) on 06/13/2023

Date: 6/10/2023
AO: The Farm
Q: Gilmore
PAX (11): Spit Valve, Chet, Flush, Bill Nye, Lucky, Cricket, Hambone, Dowry, (missing one) and welcome to T-Ball.
Following warm-up, the PAX headed over to Rolesville Elementary to celebrate YHCs 5th Anniversary with my first workout – CardCore.
PAX divided up into teams and were instructed to grab a card from the deck and run around the track doing the exercise indicated. PAX had to do a minimum of five rounds. More rounds could be completed to improve the hand. Winner selected the final workout, which included Shakiras, some other ab workout and 10 burpees (thank you T-Ball).
Thank you for celebrating my 5th Anniversary!