Backblast by Elton (Tim) on 12/07/2023

Backblast – Max Bandwidth – 11’s and Beep Test
Date: 12/7/2023
AO: <#C0682T69PC3|aomaxbandwidth>
Q: Elton (Tim)
PAX: Melamine (Chad), Dig-Dug, Dumbledore, Spit Valve (Geoff), Billy Goat, Ham (Chris Schafer), BTS, Patch Adams, Josh Burton (jingle), Jay-Z, Snoopy (Barron Holland)
Total: 12
Conditions: Clear, 31F
Warmup – SSH, Good Mornings, Imperial Something, Sir Fazio F/R, Moseyed around parking lot adding high knees and butt kickers, stretched.

Thang 1: Set of 11’s starting with Burpees, bear crawl 15 yards, Outlaws (clockwise + counterclockwise = 1), lunge walk return, repeat.

Thang 2: Beep Test – 40 rounds of 20m out-and-back shuttle runs with increasing speed each round. Reduce to 15m or 10m as needed.

Announcements – December Luncheon at Tlaquepaque on 12/15, BTS has his VQ at Max Bandwidth next Thursday (12/14) come out and support him.
Praise and prayers for Jay-Z’s father-in-law, prayers for those among us fighting injuries or illness (Gilmore, Green Thumb), prayers for Wrigley and his family, praise for Snoopy’s wife and her good medical news.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.