Backblast by Billy Goat on 08/23/2023

AO: Bandwidth

Date: 22-Aug-2023

PAX: Spit Valve, Rio, Melamine, Roscoe P, B&E, Dial Tone, Tube Top, Infidel, Huxtable, 30 Seconds, BTS, Change Order, Patch Adams, Squeaks, Fish Stick

Q: Billy Goat

16 PAX danced to a different groove for Hip Hop’s 50th bday at Bandwidth. Warmarama included a short Warrior Flow with Merkins followed by Side Straddle Hop, “Side Straddle Cross”, Cherry Pickers and Sir Fazio Arm Circles. The PAX moved to pick up the CMUs and deposit them at the suck blocks before moving into a series of agility drills on the ladders and hurdles.

YHC demonstrated the following HOT steps before the PAX executed each with varying degrees of success:

• Smurf Walk (20 IC) – little people walkout/back with arms swinging to the beat

• Reebok Plyo Hop (10 IC) – three hops forward, one jump back, fist pumping to the rhythm

• Lockdowns at the Apollo (10 IC) – Ohnos with arms lateral on the hop and locked in tight on the landing (adding a crunch)

• Run a lap

• The Wop Lunge (10 OYO) – stagger squat/reverse lunge while shoulder pressing the block

• Running Block (10 OYO) – high lunge shuffle with block moving out and back

• Bart Simpson on the Block (10 OYO) – curl+calf raise, lunge left, lunge right …that’s ONE

• Run a lap

• Some Serious Cabbage Patch (10 OYO) – stirring the pot with a block

• Hip Hop Hooray…ooh…oh (my back)! (10 on my Hey! and on my Ho!) – shoulder press with a hip/hamstring pivot – each up is one

• Humpty Dance (10 OYO) – cross jump to round the world block swing – “No 2 people will do it the same. You got it down when you appear to be in pain.”

Upon mastery, each PAX showcased a move with memorable entries from Huxtable (B-Boy block circles) and BTS (Killer Crossovers).

Storing the CMUs and returning to the flag left enough time for 20 WW2s. Great work!

Reminder that Deacon practice runs are on Sundays at 0700. The next roadside cleanup is coming up in October.

Prayers for the ladies (Pat, Jen, and Tara) at Tube Top’s church undergoing cancer treatments.