Backblast by Billy Goat on 07/13/2023

AO: Max Bandwidth
Date: 13-Jul-2023
PAX: B&E, Boyz 2 Men, Curves, Dowry, Infidel, Jingle, Melamine, Rio, Roscoe P
Q: Billy Goat

Ten Kens pushed for plasticized glory to a heavy pop mix at Max Bandwidth’s “Barbie Q.” Warmarama kicked off with carousel style side straddle hops followed by good mornings, Sir Fazio arm circles, Merkins, mountain climbers, and the world’s greatest stretch. Counting off in 3s with the instruction that every “3” would repeat the Q’s call, the circle transformed to a single file line for a dynamic warmup. Buttkickers to high knees to carioca to toy soldiers to step over/duck under to mosey moved the PAX around the soccer field to a valeted line of CMUs.

Blocks in hand, the PAX marched forward with curls in cadence followed by rifle carry resting along the trash park circle median. The Main Event mixed a healthy dose of pseudo cadence plyometric calls using the median as a step and static CMU calls with the assistance of rotating PAX on the cadence. Rounds were broken up by travel to cones lined up with the furthest reaching to near the Mt. Trashmore trailhead.

Round 1: Apolo Ohno Overs, Left-right step overs, and raised-heel goblet squats (quad targeting mod) → Sprint to Cone 3, mosey back

Round 2: Alpos (cross-grip upright rows), shoulder press, and Merkins with one hand on the median (switching for balance at the midpoint). This round was repeated with 15 reps on Part A and 10 reps on Part B → bear crawl to the first cone, crab walk back

Round 3: Squat hops using the median (push off the median from one foot and land with the other on the median into a squat, repeat), quick feet step overs, squat to press, Bulgarian split squats on the fence → Bernie to the second cone, mosey back

Round 4: Tricep Extensions, Homer to Selma (heavy Marge), Heavy Low Slow Flutters, WW2s, CMU Swings → Jail Break to the third cone
Recovery walk ten count took the PAX slightly beyond the coupon return timer, so the Q was relieved of his post at 0617 (FOR SHAME!). Great Push By All!!

Many announcements deftly handled by Rio including the Bruh Beatdown and the Fellowship luncheon at Forks Cafeteria (I’ll take better notes next time).

YHC shared that my prayers for relief from long work hours have been answered. Thanks to all of my F3 brothers who’ve reached out in support. Y’all the best!

Prayers for our brothers recovering from illness or injury.