Backblast by Green Thumb on 08/28/2022

Site: The Farm
Q: Green Thumb
PAX: 7
Boingo, Bill Nye, Melamine, Nailz, Flush, Lucky

Warmup: SSH, Imperial walkers, hillbillies, good mornings, Willie Mays Hayes & Sir Fazios,

PAX mozied over to behind Roseville Elementary for a modified partner DORA. 100 merkins, 200 jump squats, and 300 plank jacks (sc). Travel was a lap around the baseball field.

This left just enough time to play F3 Craps. PAX were presented with four 6-sided dice. 3 dice for exercises and 1 for the number of reps.

Die #1 (upper body) – merkins, derkins, diamond merkins, Carolina dry docks, PAX choice, & run a lap
Die #2 (core/abs) – LSF(ic), American Hammers, box cutters, LBC (ic), PAX choice, & run a lap
Die #3 (lower body) – jump squat, lunge (l/r=1), calf raises (ic), sumo squat, PAX choice, & run a lap
Die #4 (rep count) – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30
Each PAX rolled die 1, 2, or 3 for exercise, then rolled die 4 to determine # of reps. If die landed on Lap, we ran a lap around the baseball field. If die landed on PAX choice, rolling PAX chose an exercise for that body part.

We completed 3 rds and only crapped out twice (ran a lap) in 21 rolls. Lucky confirmed dice were not loaded after consecutive 30-count reps rolls.

Mozied back to the flag for about a minute of Mary. Great push, men!


Sign up for the Deacon *>.* We still need volunteers for support and AO Qs. If you are on the fence, this is designed for all PAX to complete and there is a Ruck option. This week, be on the lookout for details on the post-Deacon 2nd F event immediately following at Oak City Brewing (adjacent to Knightdale Station Park). This will be M and 2.0 friendly.

Prayers for those in need of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Great sharing at coffateria, another reminder of why I am fortunate to have found this group of men. Stay strong, everyone.