Backblast by Ham (Chris Schafer) on 04/27/2024

Backblast! 7+11 = big hills and sore legs

AO: Farm
Q: Ham (Chris Schafer)
PAX: Ham (Chris Schafer), Papi (Isaias Brito), Gilmore (Jim T), Green Thumb (Ray Perry), Lucky , Mediocre/Dan , Tendinitis (Ilia Kolosov), Flush (Clay Campbell), Melamine (Chad), Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men, Dowry (Derrick Wolfe), Pawnee, Archie
FNGs: None
Count: 13

THE THANG: took our time getting to granite peak hill stopping at shelters for dips and steps ups. One iteration included squats.

Got to the hill and did the following:

1st 11 (1/2 hill)
1 Jack Webb
11 L/R Lunges

2nd 7 (2/2 hill)
1 Burpees
6 LT Dan

Split the distance of the hill to make sure to get the second exercise in.

Moseyed back to flag in last 8 minutes from granite peak.

All in just over 3 miles of work.


7+11 = big hills and sore legs