Backblast by Billy Goat on 02/10/2024

Backblast! Kung Hei Fat Choi

AO: Farm
Q: Billy Goat
PAX: Josh Burton (jingle), Spit Valve (Geoff), Gilmore (Jim T), Bean Counter (Coleman B.), emilalexander38 , Homer (Scott Neuweg), Flush (Clay Campbell), Papi (Isaias Brito), Melamine (Chad), Scott Markel Aka Boys 2 Men, Moonshine, Johnny Five, Patch Adams, Sell High
FNGs: None
Count: 16

Warmarama: Tai Bro, Side Straddle Hop, Good Morning, Imperial walkers, Hill Billies, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Pull-ups, and Squats

Blocks were supplied and moved to the soccer field for sets of overhead press, Hip to Halo, Curls, Tcep Ext, Goblet Squats, Heavy Freddies.

The Pax paired for a modified Dora with 50 overhead press, 100 Goblet Squats, and 150 Heavy Freddies

YHQ attempted a sequence of “Jacked Webbs” where irking increased from 1-10 while the 4x multipliers of overhead press were audibled with calls of tcep ext, We’re Not Worthy, goblet squats, Lunges, Swings, Toe Tap, and LBCs

Finally YHQ introduced “Draggin’ the Line” where the Pax planked and pulled through blocks nearly to failure before locating them in the brush for future generations.

Announcements: Fellowship Lunch at Charlie’s Kabob (Capital) on Friday. Roadside cleanup on 24-Feb

Qsource led by Flush.

Great work, HIM!